Lick of the Week #2

This week, I decided to go for a Wes Montgomery lick from his tune Four On Six (1:15-1:35). Actually a whole chorus...


There's a lot of great stuff in there.

  • He starts with the arpeggio, and descends with a repeating figure.
  • Bars 5 and 6 see him repeating a similar min6 shape (or dom9 shape depending how you think of it), and the rhythm has that quarter note stop on the fourth beat repeated.
  • This creates a rhythmic expectation that gets betrayed by the following long phrase that carries over the half-chorus mark and only ends on bar 12.
  • And after the ride through 3 tonal centers (or 4 if you count the Bb relative major), he plays some blues to end the chorus, tailed with his favorite rhythmic phase (Bar 15).

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